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Vixen: The twins have quarreled from the womb. 

‘Mother, harden hunter and hunted in place,’ Lord Judas demanded in His hard way. ‘Fossilize them. Make them stone. Let them be a monument to the material world.’

Lord Jesus protested. ‘There is a tender way. Suspend them among constellations. Fix them inside the starry sphere with its eternal turning. Hunter and hunted may rest, yet their spinning hunt continue.’

The Virgin wept. ‘Cruel choices, My boys. Such a cruel place you would make the fallen world. One of you would seal the heart inside stone. The other — you would lock the soul among airless stars.’


‘Mother, they are corpuscles,’ sighed Lord Judas. ‘They are particles of the material realm.’

‘Oh, no,’ whinged Lord Jesus, ‘they are tender souls swaddled in matter. Free them to know rapture among the stars.’

The Virgin's tears ignited.


She bellowed through the flames on Her face. 


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