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Vixen: Our Holy Virgin Mother roared, and fire crackled Her transubstantial flesh.

'Your constant war ruins the Wheel! ... Makes it a treadwheel!' 


Lord Jesus flinched. 'Mama, be fair.'

Lord Judas stayed silent, sullen.

The Virgin trumpeted so Her voice filled Heaven:

'Miserable offspring ... Go! Remove Your wretched Selves from Me.'

With that noisy warning the sons fled.

The Virgin detached us, Hunter and Hunted, from off the earthly Hunt. She transported us ... in celestial ways unknown ... to this covert place where the Wheel turns parallel to the Wide World. She made us caretakers.

Clever (impatient): Which brings the story to your Trouble and my Task. What about me? What is my adventure?

Vixen (not answering the question): You see, Missy, the Alchymist never gave up his madness. He was able to cross by the footbridge.

Clever (luminescent with understanding; shouts with glee): The Alchymist found you! He is here! He is here in your world ... an invader ... a monster to be slain. I, the Clever Maid, will be your Champion and slay him!


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