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Clever (shines, swells with purpose, quivers with motive; she is so young):

Dog-Head (aside): The girl sports a righteous prey-drive.

Vixen (aside): Inflated self can be useful. Crushes handicaps. 

Clever (squints in the brilliance of her own glow): Grandmamma told me stories, how a relic is needed to do a great task. Lord Jesus carries an iron nail from the cross. Lord Judas wields his noose. And I have Grandmamma’s rib!

(brings forth from her pocket the walnut, her treasure, the Golden Bone secure within)

(Vixen and Dog-Head look to each other)

Dog-Head (none too gently plucks the walnut from her fingers, opens it, extracts the Golden Bone): We’ll hold this. For safe-keeping. Until your labor is done. 

Vixen (glacial, regal): Dear old Grandmamma forgot to tell you. A mortal keeps secret any relic she might inherit.

Clever (collapse & crash of certainty; observes self with eye of other & sees a fool; deflates, darkens, trembles, shudders; icy salt-water flushes her heart, her brain, her liver):

Clever (nondescript, anonymous, a child in filthy beggar’s garment; receives back the empty shell):

Vixen (frigid, dreadful): The relic necessary to your task will be won by Clever effort. The tool you seek will be found in a place of absolute stillness. A place of no turning. Within the hub of the wheel.

Clever (voice quite small): How do I go there?

Vixen: You leap.


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Clever’s Road 20: GB0072