Golden Bones

Reading Choices & Navigation

A story is a quest, a treasure hunt, an expedition across lands both known and unknown.

contents page:

  • lists main narratives, the mapped trade routes of a journey

  • links to each main narrative

main narratives:

  • title — named in footer of each page

  • “back / next” — guides reader back & forth through pages of a narrative

  • text links — take reader to content outside a narrative

  • “return to Our Story” — links back to a main narrative


  • link to source for attribution

Image opens in new window.

Reader closes window to return.

text links:

  • off-site — open in new window

Reader closes window to return.

  • on-site — can go anywhere within the Golden Bones project.

Links divert the reader away from the known route. Following a link may result in

  • side trips on unmapped tracks and trails.

  • rest stops at way stations and shrines.

  • detours along lessor known roads.

  • bridge crossings between main narratives.

Lostness happens. Some options:

  • keep going

  • back out using browser back button

  • reorient using hamburger icon (collapsed menu icon) in upper left

  • search using magnifying glass icon in upper right

  • curse the storyteller

  • resolve to stay on the main route and avoid distraction

  • embrace distraction as discovery

  • reframe failure as enlightenment


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