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Vixen (waxing nostalgic): Our chase imperiled the very Wheel of Destiny.

I made myself with Chymistry ... I made the un-catchable prey. The Alchymist, in turn, grafted brute to man and made the in-escapable predator. Hunted and Hunter, round we charged, without victory, without respite, mortals in an immortal contest. The material world cannot bear such suspense. Events must devolve. Uncertainty must collapse. 

Vixen: The Wide World reeled at the chaos of our game. Heaven suffered to know the Wheel at risk. And we, Hunter and Hunted ... we suffered. (shuts her eyes, grimaces) Locked into concurrent states of win and lose, live and die. How we hurt, Missy! Reduced to little more than animated bones.

Clever (wishing to comfort): But here you are today. You are Lord and Lady of a happy place. Did you come by the footbridge?

Vixen: Not us, Missy, not us. Only the innocent and the mad cross by that road.

Clever (boastful): Innocent? Me, a Beggar girl? You will find me quite wicked.

Vixen: Stupid slut. Your Simple brother knows more than you have dreamed of knowing.

Clever (hurt to the quick):

Vixen (resumes her tale): All Heaven looked down to see the Hunt. Its turbulence vexed the Angels. But pity moved the heart of our Virgin Mother. She who showers compassion upon the fallen world ... 

She remembered me. You see, Missy, I am so old that I was a kit in Her lap when the Virgin was a child. At my birth I was assigned to be her toy and playmate. 

Oh, but the Virgin's tiresome sons raised a racket.


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Clever’s Road - 17: GB0070

Vixen & Virgin

Vixen & Virgin