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Confessions were beaten out of the guilty couple.
City magistrates ordered them hanged.

The Tailor disgraced himself at the gallows. He sobbed like a babe. How people jeered! When his neck broke, the man's member spewed seed that the Herbalist sopped up for the growing of mandrake. 

The Tailor’s Wife, however, transcended her ignoble end. She faced her executioners and boldly cursed them for making her children motherless.

Witnesses retold her story. Their hearers retold it again, and in time it became legend:
 … how a witch killed one of the saints for her Golden Bones.
 … how bits and pieces of magic rib never made it into the shrine but lingered in the world, 
     some of the gold owned by gypsies, 
     some by a corrupt wizard, 
     and some of it hammered into filigree for the bad Lord Judas so it might trim His counterfeit copy of the Grail.


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The Black Walnut Tree 31: GB0030