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She cut off her lower leg, boiled away the flesh, and sold the precious Golden Bones.

“Here is a secret treasure that I have been guarding,” the Widow said, bestowing the money upon her daughter-in-law. “Use this wisely for it costs me dearly to give.”

The Tailor, sodden with drink, saw nothing at all, but his wife was a clever woman. Her eyes were sharp. “What happened to your mother's leg?” she demanded of her husband.

“Has the Devil been here again?” he muttered.

“What devil?” she asked. “What nonsense are you talking?”

“Mama has a tiresome deal with the Devil,” grumbled the Tailor. “It's been going on ever since I can remember. The Devil keeps after her soul, and she keeps buying him off with body parts. If you want to see him, Mama will show you the Magic Mirror.”

“Ridiculous,” said his wife. “I'm a mother, and I recognize a story meant to deceive children. You are too stupid to see through it.”