Wise Man (feels the copper with deliberation): A bit of coin for a bit of insight.

Stranger (expansively, to the crowd): What better vision can we see than one from a blind man?

People guffaw.
Lively sees the Stranger’s handsome form.
Clever sees the trickster in his face.

Wise Man (a portentous voice): You, Beggar-Boy, are young, with stars in your eyes.

Stranger (the same, mocking): You, Old Man, are a constellation gone dark.

Wise Man (trembling, premonitory): You, Beggar-Boy, will go to a far city. To you, a King will speak.

Stranger (uncanny mimicry): I see that King! And the King sees you, Beggar-Boy. I hear that King speak! Loudly, distinctly, to you. The King cries ... ‘Beggar-Boy, get out of my way!

How the crowd roars ...