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— a blue place,
saturated blue, suffused blue, steeped blue — 
drenched etc — 


Clever (her purpose refreshed … eager to tell her story): Here is a story.


Clever: I come on the Vixen’s quest, to expel the Alchymist. Vixen is the Virgin’s childhood friend. Ladies, you do know Heaven's Queen, the Holy Virgin Mother.

Little <sighs>: ... my role-model! ... The Virgin fell headlong into matter long ago ... fell or jumped …

Big... or was pushed … what a prude ... good riddance …

Middle <calling out>: ... a child ... my child

Clever (shaken): Mother! Is that your voice? I dream of you, yet your face is become dim. Grandmamma takes good care of us, but we miss you. The Wide World is cold without you.

Middle... let me see you, child

Clever (copious tears ... tinted blue): Is this possible? Can I see you again? 

Middle... a child needs looking with the eye

Big... ineluctable ... mother as weak link …


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Clever’s Road 28: GB0081