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Clever (reckless): Who is this Alchymist?

Dog-Head (slams right fist into left palm): A magician of terror and disgust! A fiend who sucks on the pap of Lord Judas!

Vixen (barks with laughter): A natural philosopher. An old man in a laboratory who tinkers with matter.

Vixen: her vision of  Alchymy

Vixen: her vision of Alchymy

Vixen: Metal and stone, honey and milk. Burning, boiling, melting, evaporating. Blackening, whitening. Curdling it yellow and searing it red. Solid to liquid, liquid to gas, and the inverse. Divide and sub-divide until division is not possible. Isolate the raw elemental particle by experiment.

Dog-Head: Evil experiment. Toxic metals. Smothering gases. Caustic juices. Bitter salts.

Vixen: Portentous experiment. Fermenting. Distilling. Filtering. Fixing. You see, missy, the Alchymist knows that common senses deceive, dissimulate, and lie. What people presume to hear and see, to touch and taste and smell, is but a veil. What nature put together is not obvious. What nature made must be untangled until its disparate parts are known. Then! Then the elements can be married with a grand chymical wedding. The result is a new child, a new creation.

Dog-Head: An ungodly creation. The creation of such as me.

Dog-Head: his vision of  Alchymy

Dog-Head: his vision of Alchymy